About Jarviz.

Case Study

Foys Arcade is an extremely flexible collaboration space utilised by ISPT & partners for many different aspects of day to day business operations. The site was constructed mid to late 2016 & commissioned in March of 2017.

In the ensuing 6 short months of operations the site has hosted massive events from internal ISPT workshops, property development strategy reviews & industry sessions, board meetings, product launches, health seminars, policy launches & even a fashion parade.

Jarviz is used within Foy’s Arcade across over 250 integration points of computers, projectors, lights, blinds and switches. Jarviz switches the whole room on and off each day. It is used to control content, power and data on displays in defined zones, from web pages to any application that resides on any computer or operating system.

Jarviz History

  • Traditional audio visual equipment control relied on a parallel control system running alongside the audio visual system components and computer network, so extra hardware and cables were required to switch equipment on and off, turn up volume controls etc.

  • Jarviz however, is software only product that is deployed across existing devices and does not rely on proprietary hardware. In most cases the network infrastructure is already installed so that devices like projectors, monitor screens, audio systems etc. can be controlled via Jarviz™ without adding further significant hardware.

  • Integration with other digital assets is key to Jarviz being able to connect and control devices. Built on HTML-5 web coding, using Java and CSS it represents the next generation in system control. We are constantly developing new features like voice activation and integration into an ever growing device list.