Start your world!

Our systems “start” with Jarviz™, literally.

The CSI developed IoE controller for absolute control of all connected devices & computers across your fleet of networked hardware.

Jarviz operates across an I.P. based network and allows the user interface to be accessed across every computer & BYOD device in the fleet, through any browser. Jarviz allows control of any other natural or man-made object that can be assigned an IP address and provided with the ability to transfer data over a network.

The main use of Jarviz in the CSI developed collaboration systems is for application launching across a fleet of computers attached to high resolution displays. The apps range from applications for visualisation of database content to simple presentations. . This merely scratches the surface of what Jarviz is ultimately capable of, as anything with an IP address and command protocols can be scripted into Jarviz for local or remote network control.


Jarviz can be integrated into a single device, and entire floor or your building’s facilities management system

  • Launch your applications remotely

  • Lighting controllers for room lighting states

  • Blind or curtain control

  • Switchable glass control

  • Rebooting one or more computers in the fleet

  • Commands to initiate multiple devices concurrently

  • Switching content on one or more display systems

  • BMS integration and climate controls

  • Contactless concierge

  • Augmented reality room booking

  • 360 image and video experiences

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Legacy hardware

Jarviz can also be paired and programmed to work with 3rd Party signal converters to interface with legacy equipment that does not use ethernet enabled control. If you have RS-232 or even Infra-Red only devices, we currently partner with Leviton to convert internet commands into your devices protocols.